Sondra Schwetman





MFA 1995 - The University of Houston, Houston, TX.

Major areas: Sculpture and Metalsmithing.


BFA 1986 - The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.

Major: Art - Visual Communications.


Teaching Experience

Current: Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

Position: Associate Professor - Sculpture.



2013 – Seven Seals Award, Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve.

2013 - Outstanding Faculty –Student Disability Resource Center, HSU.


Research Grants Received

2016 – Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Humboldt State University, grant to support a lecture   and critiques, guest artist Alison Saar.

2013 – 2 Undergraduate Research Grants for students working on the Music “A” roof sculpture.

2012 – Kick-Starter Grant, for Fabric Hardener Workshop, AIR Residency, Paducah, KY.

2009 – Ingrid Nickelson Trust Grant for Women, Humboldt County, CA.

2009 – HSU Women’s Enrichment Fund Grant – Under My Skin.



Selected Exhibitions

(*solo exhibition, + collaborative “Metal Pin Cushion” exhibition)



November 2020, to be titled, Stichting White Cube Gallery,

Alkmaar, the Netherlands.


Fall 2020, Rights, Roles, Resist! Women’s 100 Year Journey, Museum of Sonoma County, Sonoma, CA, independent curator Karen Gutfreund.


January 17 – February 21, 2020 Collectively Shifting, Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL, guest curator Ms. Cecilia Vargas. This exhibition featured one of my works and was intended for local, regional, national audiences and members of the profession.


January 4 – February 1, 2020, Red 2020, Bayside Post office, Bayside, CA. This exhibition featured two of my works and was intended for a local audience.




October 24 – 27, 2019, 100% Vrouw (100% Female), Stichting White Cube Gallery,

Alkmaar, the Netherlands. This exhibition featured one of my works and was intended for local, regional, national, international audiences and members of the profession.


Oct 7 – Nov 7, 2019, EnGENDERing Change, National Exhibition, Cloyde Snook Art Gallery, Adams State University, Alamosa, CO. This exhibition featured one of installations and was intended for local, regional, national audiences and members of the profession.


September 18 – October 19, 2019, Faculty Exhibition, Reese Bullen Gallery, HSU, Arcata, CA. Featured two of my works and was intended for a local audience.


July 5 – October 24, 2019, 32nd September Exhibition, Alexandria Museum, Alexandira

LA, juror’s award. This exhibition featured one of my installations and was intended for local, regional, national audiences and members of the profession.



June 1 – June 24, 2019, WCA Exhibition, Umpqua Bank Gallery, Arcata, CA. This exhibition featured one of my installations and was intended for a local audience.


June 1 – August 1, 2019, Decadence and Desire, Gallery 114, Portland, OR. This exhibition featured one of my installations and was intended for local, regional, national audience and members of the profession.


            May 3 – May 26, 2019, Under a Dark-Wine Sea, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, AZ.

This exhibition featured 2 of my works and was intended for local, regional, national audiences and members of the profession.



September 13 – October 12, 2018, Faculty Exhibition, Reese Bullen Gallery, HSU, Arcata, CA.


July 18 - August 26, 2018, RISE: Empower, Change and Action! Whitney Modern Gallery, Los Gatos, CA, independent curator Karen Gutfreund.



April, 21 – May 19, 2018 Metamorphosis, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA. This exhibition featured four women sculptors.


February, February 22 – March 10, 2018, Art Speaks: Lend Your Voice, Santa Monica Art Studios, Santa Monica, CA. This exhibition features one work from a new series: Bloodless Coup. 


February 15 – April 28, 2018, Ka-Pow Heroic Women, Pacific Pinball Museum, Alameda, CA. 


            October 14 – November 26, 2017, Underbelly, H Gallery, Ventura, CA.

            January 19 – March 24 Humboldt State University Department of Art Faculty and Staff,

            Halden Gallery, Lake Tahoe Community College, Tahoe, CA.


            January 2 – February 2, Boxed, Bayside Post Office, Arcata, CA.


            January 2 – 15, SNAP! Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA.



            July 5 – July 29, Vision: An Artist’s Perspective, Kaleid Gallery, San Jose, CA

            Exhibition sponsored by Gutfreund Cornett Art and


            February 22 – March 21, HSU Faculty and Student Exhibition, College of the Redwoods,

            Eureka, CA.


            January 15 – February 20, Trending: Contemporary Art Now, Online Gallery, Target Gallery at the Torpedo

            Factory, Alexandria, VA. The pieces were chosen by Elizabeth Garvey, co-founder and owner Garvey Simon

            Art Access. (catalog)



            April 2 - 30, Voices: An Artist’s Perspective, in conjunction with Karen Gutfreund Art and,

            the National Association of Women Artists in NYC Awarded Juror’s Choice Award by Joan McLoughlin, a

            gallery owner based in San Francisco.


            February 20 – April 30, Contemporary Women Artists XVII Reimagining Femmage an international biennial

            exhibit juried by Lisa Melandri, Executive Director of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM).


            February 7 – 22 Transforming Community: Disability, Diversity and Access, juror: Petra Kuppers, Westbeth

            Center for Arts, Chelsea, NY.



            December 8- December 31, 2014, Through the Eyes of the Mother in two parts: An Album for my Mother

            and Awakening Goddess, Baekryun Gallery Seogu, Qwangju, South Korea.


            September 30 – October 24, 2014, 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Firehouse

            Gallery, Grants Pass, OR.


            June 6 – July 19, 2014 Disconnect, Transmission Gallery, Oakland CA,


            April 18 – May 16, 2014, HSU Annual Sculpture Walk, HSU Campus, Arcata, CA,           


            March 1 – April 12, 2014 Piante` Gallery, Eureka, CA, this was a collaborative two person exhibition.

            Metal Pin Cushion exhibited collaboratively created works from a residency in Kentucky.


            March 1 – April 1, 2014, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Featured Artist Showcase, Eureka, CA. I gave a     

            lecture for OLLI about my work and brought samples of materials that I use for “show and tell”.


            February 1 – March 15, 2014 Korean Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, I was chosen for this exhibition from my

            website by a curator from South Korean. It coincided with the Annual Women’s Caucus for Art and College

            Art Association Conferences in Chicago, IL. (catalog)



            STRUCTURE, Nov. 9 – Dec. 7, on-line exhibition for Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA. James Bacchi served

            as the juror for this exhibition based on a quote by Albert Einstein: “One cannot help but be in awe when [one]

            contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. (catalog)


            Stories We Tell, Sept. 7- Sept. 28, Phoenix Gallery, Chelsea, NY.


            Paducah Arts Alliance NEA Exhibition, Aug. 17 – Sept. 21, Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, KY, This is an

            exhibition with work from all of the artists who have participated in the A.I.R. Studio Residency Program in

            2012/2013. The A.I.R. Residency was an international competition and the exhibition came out of the year’s

            worth of art created at the A.I.R. Studio.

           Summer National Juried Exhibition, June 1 – July 14, Juror: George Rivera. Marin Museum of Contemporary

          Art Novato, CA.


          Collector’s Choice, Jan. 2 – Feb. 2, Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA. The Gallery chose an interesting     

          concept for jurying the show, the gallery’s major collectors served as the jurying body. The exhibition was very

          eclectic and strong. I was able to attend the opening and had numerous positive conversations about my work

          with several of the collectors.


          Invitational Interlude, Jan. 2 – Jan. 28, Sewell Gallery, Eureka, CA.


          2012    Yellow, Nov. 28 & 29, A.I.R. Studio, Paducah, KY, This was a collaborative installation with artist Patrick

          Williams resulting from the A.I.R. Studio Residency. Yellow and following installation Pink represent two of the

          opportunities we had to exhibit experimental, collaborative works created during the A.I.R. Residency in

          Paducah, KY. 


         Pink, Nov. 25 – 29, A.I.R. Gallery, Paducah, KY, This was a collaborative installation resulting from the A.I.R.

         Studio Residency.


        * Southern Vortices, Jun. 17 – Jul. 30, Curtis Center Gallery, Murray State University, Murray, KY.


          Body, Figure, Nude, Jan 14. – Mar. 11, Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY, and juror: Anna Brzyski. This

          national level exhibition featured three of my works from my series “Characters of a Lesser Mythology”. This

          was a groundbreaking year for this exhibition as it was the first time contemporary expressions of the body were

           juried in.


          National Juried Exhibition, Jan. 6 – Jan. 22, The Arts & Culture Alliance, Knoxville, TN., and juror: Neely Hyde.



          Art of Fiber, Nov. 19 – Dec 31, Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton, VA, Curator: Amy Lust.          


          Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences Annual Small Works Exhibition, Nov. 4 – Dec. 9,

          Loveladies, NJ, Juror: Michael Cagno.


          Junque Art Show, Oct.12 – Nov. 27, Morris Graves Museum, Eureka, CA. 



            As They See It: Works by Contemporary Women Artists, Sept. 2 - Oct. 9, Sacramento State University

            Library Gallery, Sacramento, CA, Invitational.  This was a regional invitational exhibition that featured two of

            my large works. Eight regional, women artists from Northern California were chosen to exhibit.


            Contemporary Women Artists XV – Art as Activism, Feb. 12 – Mar. 26, Foundry Art Centre, St. Louis, MO,

             juror Yolanda Lopez. I received an honorable mention for the three pieces I exhibited.


            * Illuminance, Mythology and Weird Little Fetishes, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA (from my on

              going series “Characters of a Lesser Mythology”).


Panels, Presentations, Workshops and Visiting Artist Lectures


            Through the Eyes of the Mother Exhibition Tour, Korean Culture Center,

            Chicago, IL. This was an artist’s tour and lecture.


            Through the Eyes of the Mother Exhibition, Book Signing, College Art

            Association, Chicago, IL.


            OLLI Show Case Artist Lecture, Eureka, CA, This was a lecture about my work for an

            audience of 60 community members enrolled in the OLLIE program.


2012 – 2013

            A.I.R. Studio Residency, Paducah, KY, This is an internationally competitive residency    that I was awarded for

            November 2012. The residency involved giving an artists lecture and a workshop, as well as, creating two

            installations and an exhibition.


            Paverpol Workshop, A.I.R. Studio, Paducah, KY, This workshop was presented for the general community of

            Paducah, KY in conjunction with the A.I.R. Studio   Residency.  Workshop participants worked with natural

            fibers and a fabric hardener called Paverpol that is a non-toxic, soap and water cleanup product.


            Humboldt Arts Festival Panel Discussion, Arcata CA, This panel was presented at Jambalaya as a part of a

            discussant on Design vs. Fine Art and the differences in how the two can be taught.


            Ascend Conference Moderator, Arcata, CA. The Ascend Conference was for up and coming leaders in the

            arts. I moderated a panel discussion on local living Native American artists.


2010 – 2011

            Workshop on Sewing Machine Maintenance presented to the C4 Sculpture Club at the University of

            Southern Illinois, Carbondale.



            2013 - Marble/marble Symposium, The Marble Institute of Colorado, Marble CO.


            2010 - Marble/marble Symposium, The Marble Institute of Colorado, Marble, CO.




Workshops, exhibitions and lectures organized


            Guest Artist from New York, Lesley Dill, 



            Guest Artist from LA, Alison Saar.      



            (Dis) Comfort, Piante Gallery, Eureka, CA.



            Guest Artist Workshop with Chicago Artist Eric Stephenson, Eric’s two- day workshop

            took the students through the entire process of making a steel sculpture starting with a

            figure drawing, taking it to the computer to make patterns, cutting the steel out from the

            patterns, fitting and welding.



            Pacific Powder Coaters presentation of finishes on steel, bronze and aluminum, Patti

            Lohr from Pacific Powder Coaters presented a PowerPoint on the process of power

            coating and brought many samples of colors and possible textures.



Areas of Specialization: Sculpture, Installation.


Technical Skills

Ceramic Shell, Standard Investment, Bonded Sand for Bronze, Iron and Aluminum Casting; Water Based and Urethane/Epoxy Fiberglass-Reinforced Resin Casting; Arc/MIG/TIG Welding, Oxy-Acetylene Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Steel Fabrication, Gas Forge Operation and Techniques; Slip Casting, Plaster/Urethane/Latex Molds, Body Molds, Fabrication/Casting/Raising/Forming Non-Ferrous Metals, Forge Tool Making, Lapidary, Aluminum Anodizing, Plating, Enameling; Stone Carving, Wood Fabrication; Fabric Dyeing and Fabrication; PC Platform and Mac Platform Software, Digital Camera, Photo Shop, Quick Time, Final Cut Pro.



Professional Memberships

International Sculpture Center

Women’s Caucus for Art

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